Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I have dreams of orca whales and owls

this was on my myspace a while ago but I liked it.

So I don't think I'm going to do a good job explaining this, and this might be really dumb, but I am wondering about language today. Like... here's the example that triggered this: in developing countries, or whatever, countries that do not have big cities and commerce in the sense that we do (I do not like to judge others - it is probably a better life sometimes when you are living in a smaller community, so why demean that lifestyle by calling it "undeveloped"?) - anyways, in those countries, do they have a word for mimes? Like... I would imagine that there are entire countries where no mime has ever been present... because mimes are kind of lame and weird and why would that occur to someone? And it's not just mimes, there are many things like this, where I'm sure it just is not a part of many societies... and I understand that language forms, as new things come in to a society they will integrate it and whatnot... but so what happens if suddenly a mime wanders in? what do they call it? What if suddenly there is a huge migration of mimes!?!? They can't just continuously describe them... like, call them "people who don't talk and are kind of weird and lame"... so eventually they have to make a word. And I guess in the case of mimes they would have to just make something up completely randomly, because mimes cannot talk and so can't tell people what they are called, so I guess they weren't a very good example, but go with me here. So going off that, what happens when a community gets the internet (because eventually everyone will)? Suddenly, there are thousands of new ideas and things that just didn't exist (to the people in that community), and now they do. How does language accommodate that kind of influx of ideas?

This is why the internet will bring about a global language. Because when there is that much new information coming in, and when it is written and explained at your fingertips, the only way to handle it, really, is to just use the word you initially see it described as. This will probably be English, I guess, which is sort of unfortunate... more people speak Chinese.

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Spidey said...

In many of those "undeveloped" places, people live an idyllic lifestyle which is mostly stress free and very happy. These folks are described as backwards because the people running the media and society think that happiness means new Blu-Rays, DVD players, stereo systems, computers, and more crap. To acknowledge that people can be happy without a house full of crap is contrary to everything that drives the economies of most nations. It also has been the excuse for one nation to destroy "backards" communities in order to impose their economic models of social progress.

The Spaniards did it to the Indians in America, and "progress" has been inflicted on millions of people throughout history.