Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hot Canadians: Michael Cera

So here begins what I plan to make a regular series, Hot Canadians. The thing is, every time I find some band or some actor or actress that I just think seems really awesome, they end up being from Canada. Any country that can bring us Degrassi, Alanis Morisette and maple syrup is ok by me... plus, socialized health care! HOORAY!

So, I'll do a few to get started... and the clear choice to kick it off... Michael Cera!!

I mean look how cute he is. So awkward... it's such an endearing quality and I just think he's hilarious. So he was in Arrested Development as George Michael, and that show was the funniest thing on television, totally mis-cancelled, lame. Jason Bateman, too, you can't go wrong with that. Is he Canadian? I don't know. Anyways, George Michael is just... perfect. So terribly humiliating all the time, I can't believe. And then of course, the funniest movie... maybe ever, Superbad. I think we all saw it. So you know. "I know, samesies!" I kind of died.

And then I found this picture:

and I don't know if it's a poster for something or what, but that's pretty cool, it's like he's in a smoking room at a prep school or something... but in a good way. Like a Dead Poet's Society type of boarding school, but without the suicide and censorship.

And apparently he does all these web shows, which are hilarious. Here. this is him doing a fake interview, as himself. Watch it.

It's so ridiculous. Who writes this stuff??? "be yourself, as long as that means that you are a successful person."

Michael Cera. A Canadian to watch.

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