Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hot Canadians: Tokyo Police Club

The next installation in our Hot Canadians series is Tokyo Police Club... They. Are. Awesome. I'm telling you... I've been obsessed with them since way before Coachella, where they completely rocked it. Granted, their first cd was 7 songs... all of which were awesome, but that's a pretty sparse playlist... but they're pretty amazing. I saw them at the El Rey about a week and a half ago and they killed it. This is them:

And, beyond being, musically, one of the best bands I've encountered in a long while, they're pretty hot also. So that helps. Anyways, they're from Ontario, they've only been a band since '05, which is CRAZY considering how successful they are... they have a couple new songs that aren't on their debut cd on their myspace... I'm pretty in love with them. You should be too. Check them out, do it, you'll be obsessed within moments. My fave: Be Good RAC Remix, which is on their Smiths CD that they were selling at their concert... their new single 'your english is good' is pretty amazing also.

Anyways, I obviously have less information about them than I did about the previous Hot Canadians... but they're awesome, and they're hot (to the point where, when they were at Cinespace, I got too freaked out to approach them, and I approach everyone), so you should love them. GO. LISTEN. LOVE.

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