Tuesday, November 20, 2007

dream a little dream for me

So this girl's fun...

Her name's Sophie Anderton, and she's a famous supermodel. Also, in her downtime, a coke whore. Soooo awesome. I can't write anything much better than what the actual article says, because it's pretty awesome... she satirizes herself better than I think anyone could intentionally... so I'll summarize.

+ she hates kate moss and calls her "a fucking nightmare" and also made such a sexual disgusting slur about her that an article printing naked pictures of this girl doing coke felt it was too much to print... AWESOME.
+ she bought coke, tried to sell some to the undercover guy doing the story, did lines in front of him, and talked about how she does it all the time
+ kept talking about different sexual acts and how much she charges for them... she'll hit you for extra, and she's down for threesomes, FYI... and it's 10,000 pounds for a night with her. DONT WORRY it's only because she's buying a house and things are tight right now.
+ she fully stripped down and was ready to have sex with the reporter. That's hilarious.

Way to have the WORST POSSIBLE ENCOUNTER with an undercover reporter. Ever. There is seriously little she could do to make herself look worse.

This girl is like Britney with less class, less fan base and way less reason to be sympathetic or understanding. This is like... well, it's hilarious. This is the definition of trainwreck. I kind of love it. Anyways... the whole article is here... and here's a picture of her doing a line!!!


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