Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hot Canadians: Cassie Steele

Hooray! My first Degrassi cast member!!!

Cassie Steele, if any of you POSSIBLY don't know in which case you hate good television, is Manny on Degrassi. She fucking rocks. I will do my best to summarize her tv life for you, but it's from memory so don't hate if I leave something out. Also, I'm sorry if it gets a little long, if you don't want the background skip to the next paragraph.

Manny is best friend with Emma since forever, she used to be kind of nerdy because she was really little and, well, Emma was nerdy, and she hung out with JT and Toby and Liberty... this is the central underclass group of friends. She has very overbearing parents, or I guess just her dad but her mom never helps. She has been in love with Craig since he showed up in the early seasons as a transfer student with an abusive father (we'll get to that in Jake Epstein's eventual post... hot.). She decided to rebel in I believe 9th grade and started dressing super hot, because she is, culminating in the thong incident. Then everyone wanted her, she wanted Craig. She had a brief flirtation with Spinner, I believe before she started hooking up with Craig by seducing him once, and then again at a rave, and they started regularly cheating on his current GF, Ashley. Craig told Manny had broken up with Ashley after a while, even though he hadn't, abd then he was then when she found out he was lying, he told her the same thing again... and was lying again. Craig is sort of a douche. BUT THEN Manny was pregnant, and Craig got really excited because he's kind of nuts and desperate for affection because of the whole dad thing and him being bipolar, and so he wanted to keep it and like start a family, but she didn't and got an abortion because, well, they're 16.Then (I think) she had a brief flirtation with Spinner, causing a major rift with him and Paige. Those last 4 things may be all out of order, I've never watched it straight through. Oh, but after the Craig thing, everyone for NO GOOD REASON just started thinking Manny was a huge slut and being really mean to her... because as she says to JT when he wants to ask her to the dance but almost doesn't because Spinner says she's a slut, Craig was the one cheating on HIS girlfriend, but no one ever talks about that,do they? I'm pretty sure I just directly quoted Degrassi from memory. NICE. But she goes with JT and they kind of date for a second but then break up because he gets really insecure after she sees his penis in the hot tub (JT is not well endowed it's a running joke.) Then there's a little break in Manny drama, but the next season when she's gotten all hot and shit she starts seriously pursuing her dream of being an actress, but an agent calls her fat and the wrong body type (partially because entertainment is cruel, partially because of the HEINOUS outfit she wears, and partially because that agent is a moron), and so Manny gets upset and wants to get a boob job but her parents find out and kick her out of the house and she gets really drunk and shows peter (the new guy who Emma likes but who wants Manny, who Manny won't go out with because Emma likes him so now he's pissed and, as we find out he is a SLIME) her boobs at a party and he films it and sends it to the whole school. She moves in with Emma and lives there for a while. This chronology may be really screwed up. Anyways... later she is still with Craig and he is a musician and he comes back and is on coke and she tries it and is HILARIOUS but then realizes that he loves drugs more than her and she totally faces him and it's her most awesome episode ever. THEN after JT dies she starts trying to help mend the fences between Degrassi and Lakehurst and kind of dates Damien who is their student council president, but it doesn't go anywhere because of the whole school war and whatnot, plus this season him not wanting the schools to unify. Oh yeah and throughout the whole early part she's a cheerleader, the choreographer and obviously the best one, who has a huge like nemesis relationship with Paige, the head cheerleader, hence the hitting on Spinner and breaking her leg kind of intentionally when Kevin Smith was visiting. Oh and now she's super punk and cool and just turned 18 and brought Jay as her date and FINALLY convinced her dad to let her act. GOT ALL THAT? Jeez. I am going to have to do this for every character. I'm so pumped.

ANYWAYS so that's what I have for you about Manny right now, but we're here to talk about Cassie, who seems just really awesome. She's far more interesting and hardcore seeming than the show she's on would have you predict, she has a pierced nose and her hair is ever changing. Also, she's a singer, and I have to say pretty good. Here's a video of her doing one of her songs, look how cute she is!

I was facebook friends with her for like a month before the degrassi people all went private or deleted... I'm not sure they realize how much people love them... but anyways she had lots of picture she takes at her computer, which I think is endearing... here's one:
that's her room in the background... she is surprising. Her music career seems to be really going somewhere which is very cool... I always go on her myspace to request that she do a show in Los Angeles, but it seems like those kids rarely leave Toronto except for events in New York... but someday it'll happen.

So the vital stats: she was born in 1989 making her way too young to want to hang out with her this bad. She's been on Degrassi since it started. She's a regular guest star on The Best Years, and is great and completely different that Manny, and it's nice to see that range in her. She's obviously gorgeous. Pretty much she kicks the most ass on Degrassi (even though I am reluctant to declare her my favorite character, as I'm a little obsessed with some of the others as well.)

You should download her music, watch degrassi, and find out all "aboot" Cassie Steele. See what I did there.


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