Friday, November 30, 2007

lindsay lohan is single

Open letter to all the people who wrote negative reviews of Pauly Shore is Dead:

Ok. I don't know what you people are talking about.

You're all reviewing it as though he's trying to be funny... like it's so slapstick that it's over the top and that's why it seemed depressing, because it was so depressingly not funny... that's what YOU'RE thinking. But the movie completely meta'd itself by having pauley talk about wanting to be a more serious actor, and this was his first attempt at making "real", work. This was pretty heart wrenching at times, and he did a pretty good job. And yeah, part of the time he was hilarious and was doing the weasel bit, but that's because his character was supposed to be acting like the weasel ironically, and he melded it well with his character, which I have to believe is a far reach from him in some ways and exactly like him in others...

I guess you can look at it from whatever perspective you want and if you're a huge biodome fan that wore a lot of flannel or drank a lot of jaeger (not that either of these things is negative... I love jaeger. And flannel), I can see why this movie might not appeal to you, because that's not what you're looking for when you flip on a pauly shore movie... and that's what I thought for a lot of the time I was watching it, it's pretty impossible to get past it... but I guess you just have to see it as Pauly evolving.

Beyond that, the movie was hilarious and filled with ridiculous celebrities. Kurt Loder? Hilarious. Exactly what has crossed your mind but you've banished the thought immediately. Michael Madsen, Mark McGrath, Tom Sizemore, Kaeto Kaelin... some of the best points.

some quotes...

(phone rings)"Aww... it's fuckin' hendrix, he wants his pokemon cards back."

"Oh look, it's Tom Sizemore"
"No you idiot that's Michael Madsen."
"What's the difference?"
"Six inches."

(phone rings)"Ah shit... it's marilyn she wants her dildo back"

There is also a hilarious exchange between pauly and Mark McGrath on a mini golf course. You really have to see it, I tried to find the quote on the internet but everyone hates this movie. That's because everyone is lame.

The entire thing is so biting and so unexpected and so gut twisting and sarcastic and heartfelt, which almost seems impossible... everyone else may hate this movie... don't believe the hype. Pauly Shore is Dead. Do it.

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