Thursday, November 8, 2007

music is my hot hot sex

This quote was just on 30 Rock:
"When I die, they will put my face on money. That is, if there were money in the future, instead of just hugs."

so true, David Schwimmer... so true.

Also... the Los Feliz public library computer room seems to be a shrine to Leonardo DiCaprio. There are 4 posters. 2 for Titanic, 1 for The Beach, and 1 for The Aviator. This may be the most hilarious and random thing I have ever seen. However, this has also increased my appreciation of my neighborhood by at least a billion points.

Oh. And.

I don't think I like Tell Me You Love Me, but I'm in love with Palek. This is him...

He's amazing. I'll marry him. Like, now.

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