Thursday, November 22, 2007

points: pilgrims

So I was watching todays (VERY welcome) Rock of Love marathon, and I was thinking... the thing about dating reality shows is that with women, it's easy. If you put a bunch of pretty women who are not super bright in the same place with a guy, they will compete and so they all will want him. On top of that, if there's a prize (which there always is) or the guy is famous or rich (which they always say he is), women are masters at justifying that no, they see past that, they're REALLY FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM... it's always purely shallow, but women can really make themselves believe it, they WILL fall in love with this man. So, automatically, you have great tv, and the characters are sympathetic because you know they really think that this is real.

Men are not that easy. I mean, the girls they get for reality shows are obviously chosen because they are girls guys want, and they are girls that can get guys to be way into them... at the same time, men are not just falling in love willy-nilly... if it were that easy, then there wouldn't be all those girls on the other reality shows trying to find love... so when guys are competing for a girl, that's what it is... they're competing with eachother, and guys get off on that so they go hard. But for the most part, it's a lot harder to buy that all these guys are IN LOVE with this girl, and so the characters seem a lot less sympathetic... so I guess in that case, the one you're supposed to feel empathy with is still the girl. Because in the end if someone gets their heart broken in REAL life, and not just for tv, it will probably be her. Because she has to pick, and they're probably faking.

The obvious exception being Tila Tequila, but that's because guys who fall in love with her are internet weirdos and perverts... so I consider that an independent variable that does not effect my hypothesis as it is not in the testing set. YAY SCIENCE!

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