Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ron loves hermione

Jenah from Americas Next Top Model is awesome, I want to hang out with her, plus she's gorgeous. She's been my favorite since day 1 and I thought I didn't like the blonde that much, cuz it made her look too generic and a little like Caridee in pics (and you KNOW they won't pick people who look alike 2 years in a row) but now she's really rocking it. Also, I like her teeth... as weird as that sounds. I hope she wins. HERE'S HER PICTURE!

Gorgeous. Also, she's only 18 (and like I must say about almost every tv personality that I mention, probably too young for me too want to hang out with this bad), but she comes off as older. I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends, or she'd think I was super annoying, but either way I'd think she was dope.

fuck the east coast, Jenah, come to la and be my hot friend.

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