Tuesday, December 4, 2007


this girl Jasmine just got totally humiliated on beauty and the geek. she handled it really well though. she's VERY pretty. But wow. They're making her like... touch a tarantula and it's huge and gross and she can't and she's CRYING.
This was really embarassing.

eta 15 minutes later: OH MY GOD this show HAS TO BE STOPPED. This is humiliating. Oh god, every part of it, everyone looks terrible, it's painful. Oh god. Joshua's MOM just got called on as a surprise and she's wearing a t shirt with his face on it. And now he won "geekiest geek" oh wow.

5 minutes later and they are making rebecca, this very pretty sweet girl, come on stage and massage one of the geeks because he got all his back hair waxed and she promised. This is criminal, she could die. They like brought in a massage table.

I hope Jasmine wins. She's so pretty, and the girl geek is lame. Shut up, nerd.

(commercial break) did you know 1 in 4 people think they sweat more than normal? SPICE GIRLS commercial I want tickets it's tomorrow. Most commercials are bad. I am NOT watching Crowned.

The girl who really wants camera time is blabbering about something, she looks so desperate. uncomfortable. Now all the geek guys are saying how much more they're getting laid now. awkward.

THEY'RE NAMING THE WINNER. VOTED FOR BY YOU - AMERICA - YOU! That's how they're saying it. They keep saying America. Awwwwwkward.

open the envelopes on the count of 3...

(commercial break)

what happens is kids see something being done subversively on mtv or whatever and then in an act of attempted subversiveness they copy these actions... but what they don't get is that every other kid is seeing that and copying that too... and when it becomes apparent that their actions are not unique, instead of seeing that connection, they assume that others are copying them, and then they become arrogant, along with being an unoriginal douchebag. That's the problem, I think, because at some point everyone wants to be subversive (or, a teenagers version of it), but no one just knows how to go about that organically.

DAVE AND JASMINE WIN!!!!! OH I'm so happy! They are so much better.

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