Tuesday, January 29, 2008

arguably the most famous

well well well, ask and you shall receive. Lindsay's back in the news, THANK GOD. Just kidding, kind of. But legit, she was seen drinking grey goose with Brody Jenner this weekend. Which isn't even remotely a big deal. I mean that she was with Brody. Because they're like... friends, or whatever, and I mean yeah she probs banged him but WHAT ELSE IS NEW? Anyways... I guess this isn't really even news or anything, but it's nice to know she hasn't become non-slutty and boring over... well, sundance, I guess. Did she go to Sundance? WHY WOULDN'T SHE GO???? All I heard about was Paris boning like everyone, but I'm sure if Linds was there we would know. Hmmmmm.

check out this fuckin' nutso outfit... I almost love how much is going on, but somehow it just misses the mark and gets into Bai Ling-level weirdness. The bag is SO huge. The lining of the coat is SO ugly. Her shoes are not boots nor shoes! Her hair looks great though. And hey... gum!

Anyways, stuff's boring, I want to hang out with Britney, 2 DAYS 'TIL LOST! I could just vomit with anticipation. In a good way.

Listen to Vampire Weekend, THEY'RE GREAT.

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