Friday, January 25, 2008

here's hoping juno wins a billion oscars yay ellen page

Thursday TV musings...

I don't know, Project Runway... denim?? But alright. Heidi looked faaaaaantastic this episode, and really, isn't that what matters? But GOD. Drool over Rami a little more, Nina. Seriously. That was pathetic.

HOLY HELL WHERE IS A SONIC???? Do they really exist? WHY do the commercials make it look soooooo good and I CAN'T HAVE IT???!!! Is this a mind game? OH GOD wouldn't that be a great idea? To make up something really appealing and run ads for it and it just DOESN'T EXIST? Wow. Anyways... Sonic is the matrix.

The theme song for the new Gauntlet is so mean... "15 minutes of fame" repeated over and over, basically. Haha I mean it's hilarious and true... being on a real world/road rules challenge is about on par with being on Flavor of Love, but less contemporary and more disappointing. Don't worry, I'm still watching it.

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