Monday, January 21, 2008

honest to blog?

In what legit may be some of the best news... well, ever, but definitely of 2008... are you ready? Kristen Cavallari is coming back into our lives, joining the cast of The Hills.

I shouldn't NEED to explain how exciting this is, but I will. I love this girl. She is why Laguna Beach was awesome, she is WAY hotter than anyone who is currently on the Hills (yes, Audrina too), which leads to WAY more drama because EVERY guy is in love with her. Although I believe she's like living with Nick Zano... which makes me even more curious about in what capacity she's going to be on the show... because I'm assuming, as I think most people are, that she's going to be there to be Lauren's rival, as in shows past. HOWEVER. If they are simply adding her and making part of the show just about her and her life, not necessarily intersecting with LC's life... well, then, MTV has just granted everyone's wish (or, mine), because, while I looooove the hills, Spencer and Heidi make me want to choke someone and Lauren's a little underconfident, no? And Audrina... well, I saw Justin Bobby in person, and yeah, he's hot, but COME ON. And, above all else, Kristen is awesome. Suuuure she fucked with Talon and Stephen a little, but they're sort of dumb, especially when it comes to her, and when you have that much power over people, especially in high school, it's nearly impossible not to take advantage, so... well, I don't hold it against her.

I AM SO EXCITED. I fucking love Kristen. She is in my top 3 LB characters, and my fave of the main ones (I REALLY want "Kristen's friend Alex" to get a show... or to be my best friend, even though she's way younger than me... last time we saw her she'd gotten all grunged out and dyed her hair dark and came back to have lunch with Jessica, the whiny baby, and I just fell in tv love all over again). Kristen has OPINIONS... like, in a way that nobody currently on the hills seems to be able to manage... plus, I mean really, the girl is gorgeous and you can't argue with that. GOD, who needs writers when we're gonna have this chick back in our lives.

TV is about to get soooo good.

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