Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hot Canadians: Feist


Feist, who is actually Leslie Feist, which is a pretty sick name, is our next hot Canadian. She sings the song that is now on the ipod mini or nano commercial, but which waaaayyy before that was my myspace song, and which is awesome. It is called 1234, like with commas between them, not like one thousand two hundred and thirty four. She is from Nova Scotia. She had another song that was relatively big called My Moon My Man, I think it was also in a commercial for like a phone or Target or something. ETA: Looked it up, it was a phone.

Beyond all that, she's pretty oddly gorgeous.

Models everywhere would kill for that neck.

Feist used to be in Broken Social Scene. Street cred? I think so. She was also in a band called By Divine Right, which I have never heard of. I have a hard time really thinking of her voice, which is super ethereal, in a band setting, but I guess it keeps it interesting.

She's been around for a while... this recent album was her third solo album, but the first one that got tons of attention, and now she's kind of huge. She's obviously weird, for proof see the video for 1234... it takes an odd duck to slap on that blue sequined jumpsuit, but the video's pretty awesome. HERE IT IS!

If you didn't love that song before, watch this a couple times more and I guarantee it will be one of your favorites.

How good is that picture? I wish that was a picture of me.

Feist. The Canadian pop folk singer who will change your life.

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