Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hot Canadians: You Say Party! We Say Die!

HOORAY FOR CANADA! So, You Say Party! We Say Die! is a band from Vancouver. Here's their myspace!!! They've been around for a while, I believe they released their 3rd album last year, called Lose All Time. I really like the Monster and Opportunity, check 'em out.

Here they are!!!

Can't argue with that, huh?

They classify themselves as Dance-Punk, which I like. They're pretty electro/indie/awesome, and I like that, as a quintet, there's a wide range of sounds that they can cover. They're on Paper Bag Records, the same label as Tokyo Police Club... they just got signed in 2007, which is very exciting... they were supposed to do a US tour a couple of years ago but it got cancelled because they couldn't get visas (which, really, United States? Lame.). Anyways, I have a lot less information than I'd like, but they're pretty great and they're getting pretty huge, so hopefully soon they'll be big enough that the US will have to cave and allow us all to "get our dance on"... which I'm pretty sure should be in a law somewhere.

Here's a video. It's weird. And awesome.

pretty much cements the awesome in your mind, eh? You Say Party! We Say Die!: probably the only Canadians our government is afraid of. And I mean that in a very pro-canadian way.

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