Friday, January 4, 2008

Love Letter to Britney

Okay. So here's what's happening.

Britney has had a breakdown, of sorts. I don't know the details, and neither does anyone else, but it's been said that she was not on drugs or drunk, and that she is not under arrest for anything. She is being held for psychiatric evaluation.

My take? Finally someone will help her. Finally she is in a HOSPITAL... not a rehab center aka joke... a hospital where they will be able to tell that it's not chemical dependency, it's not just a girl acting out "because she can"... this girl's had a life that would drive the sanest person crazy, and she has simply gotten to a point where she cannot handle it anymore.

Clearly the people around her in her life are unstable... her mom is obviously incompetent, a fame mongerer and does not have Britney's best interest at heart. Her friends... who are her real friends at this point? I just think that this breakdown has been coming for so long that anyone who at one point really cared about her has gotten fed up with being pushed away by her and eventually just sort of gave up.

Britney is a cultural icon and has never been a bad person... I don't really even think that's ever been an issue. What people need to try and imagine is the constant scrutiny she has been under, the stress of trying to maintain an image 24 hours a day for your entire life, the reasonable desire to break out of that at some point, when she got old enough to realize that she was missing out on life... watch some tmz videos. Those camera flashes, hundreds at a time, everywhere you go for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Every mistake you make touted in front of the world, and everyone has an opinion... THINK about it. You've done lame shit too... it just isn't on the cover of US Weekly.

This is a spiral that we've all been watching... and it's appalling and crazy, true, but maybe everybody should JUST. BACK. OFF.

In conclusion... All the best wishes to Britney, I really hope she can get whatever she needs at some point soon and just have a life... a life of HER own choosing.
Britney I love you. Get better. Be happy. I really believe that everything will be okay.

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