Sunday, January 6, 2008

Missed Connection

Craigslist is pure gold.

where's my pot?

ugh, i can't believe I was so drunk u showed me the door to your apartment because you were afraid I was going to vomit all over your ugly ass bathroom floor? I wasn't going to sleep with you anyway though, so I'm not upset about it. I'm irritated I got so drunk (on drinks that I overpaid for) and now I have a hangover. ew. I walked like 20 minutes from your place to my car and threw up on the side of the street. real nice. then I drove home completely obliterated in the rain. but at least I passed out in my own bed. why did you kick me out of the house wearing nothing but your pink american apparel underwear? were u trying to seduce me while I was kneeling over your toilet? or were u having somebody else come over? have you never seen a 25 year old mess trying to purge digestive juices and too-strong gin tonics from his organism? Did u steal my pot? I can't find it

see for yourself here

I think the best part is it's male to male. I hope that a lot of guys are buying pink american apparel underwear now.

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