Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger... wow.

Heath Ledger is dead(?!?). He was found dead in his apartment this morning. He is 28, he has a daughter with Michelle Williams, and he is (was) a faaaantastic actor. This is really weird and shocking... Apparently so far no sign of foul play. More details to follow? I guess?

Is Mercury in fucking retrograde or something? What the hell is going on??? I don't like writing "RIP" posts... this is a really tragic week so far... wow I'm legitimately pretty upset.


WEIRD UPDATE: So apparently Heath was found in Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment in New York, not his own. She was not there, she is in Los Angeles. This is weird, but I guess they are probably friends or something? Here's the article. I really think this might be a lie, because... well, why would it be true?

Updates as I get 'em.

WEIRD UPDATE NUMERO DOS: I guess it wasn't Mary-Kate's apartment. So where did that come from? It seems to have been an accident, or at least that's what they're reporting. His body was removed from the building around 3:30 today (LA time, obvs). This is so sad. Here is a picture of him, shooting his new movie, taken a couple days ago.

Everyone seems pretty upset about this, the coverage is INSANE, especially out of Australia. All the best wishes to Michelle Williams and Matilda.

Get it together, celebs.

MUSINGS/UPDATE NUMERO TRES: So... right before Oscar time... I wonder if he'll get a bigger montage than all the people whose deaths weren't so untimely. I wonder if he'll get a bigger montage than Brad Renfro. I bet he will. I know that's kind of fucked up to think about. No disrespect meant.

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Loved the Renfro/LEdger comment ... stick to it. Of course my "blog" was bullshit, but it's only a social experiment to see how many people actually follow Hollywood crap and not things of actual importance -- Darfur, Rwanda, Kenya, Iraq War, school violence, need I go on? Bottom line is ... I put up bullshit one day on a fuck who can't take fame and fortune and get nearly 500 hits in six hours. Any article from the front lines -- seriously -- lucky if two. I could care less really - I write for myself and friends. Sad thing is, if I told this to most people, they'd be thinking "500 hits?! Wow." Now that's fucked. Peace brother ... speak the truth. At the very least, discover it.