Saturday, February 16, 2008

addicted to awesome

So here’s the thing with Daniel Baldwin and MaryEllen (Cary, for reference)… people are like saying she has to take responsibility because she texted him back and stuff but from what she was saying it doesn’t sound like she DID send any pictures, she was just like “aw you’re sweet” while he was complimenting her and then it escalated and she got freaked out and stopped texting. That’s basically what she said. But everyone’s placing blame, when really here’s what happened: She is in here trying to give up drugs/drinking whatevs and as a part of that to give up her persona that she took on as a porn star “Mary Cary” and become who she really is, Mary Ellen, and Daniel took her in and gained her trust by acting as a father figure, a support figure, and then when she was really starting to lean on him and confide in him he took advantage of her insecurities and treated her not as Mary Ellen, but as Mary Cary. And all things considered I think she handled it pretty well… I hate that big new guy, stop lying, stop being a douchebag. Mary Ellen, you should be proud of yourself. Also, you were beautiful dancing.

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