Thursday, February 28, 2008

all things go, all things go

Come on, Head and Shoulders... non one uses scrunchies anymore. Are we recycling commercials from 1992? Let's get real.

UPDATE: Ok. Come on, Zyrtec. No one wears khakis. You can't present a girl who is cute, and is apparently supposed to be thought of as cute and normal... wearing khakis capris? What year is this? Who is styling these commercials? Are all commercials directed towards women who bought their beauty products at drug stores while living at some point between 1987 and 1994? Are they all written by people in rural Nebraska who just started watching The Bachelor? Maybe I'm nitpicky, but I'm very sensitive to the period-appropriateness of items. I was the first one of my friends to call that the season finale of Los last season (SPOILER) was a flash-future, because Jack called someone and that phone wasn't out yet when their plane crashed. That phone came out in 2006, so he must be off the island in the future. Obviously. And there's another time it happened recently but I can't remember the context. Anyways. Fashion choices as well... all middle-range directed commercials are very stuck in the country club preppy khakis and florals early 90s, like Patty Chase or even like the Keatons... like work-casual, high waisted grey or khaki pants that are ugh and make your ass look big and really people want to see people who are a little more fashionable on commercials, and NO ONE who cares about fashion at all, IN THE LEAST, is wearing that. NO ONE WEARS KHAKIS. They're ugly. They're for insecure preteens who go to private school and have to wear them and don't want to wear the skirt. So this was all a little mean but now I'm done. Update commercial fashions now!!

ps it's ok for guys to wear khakis.

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