Wednesday, February 6, 2008

all your diction, dripping with disdain

Remember when Heidi Montag was sort of cute, in a way that made you kind of resentful, not because she was SO cute, but because she was pretty and skinny and had a good wardrobe despite the fact that she is a terrible person?

well, those days are over.

officially busted. I usually wouldn't call girls ugly, but when most of your appearance is manufactured, BY YOUR CHOICE, out of silicon and stupidity, I really don't feel bad. Plus, she's a bad person. Oh yeah and her music video fucking sucks. And so does her voice. AND HER EXISTENCE. God I'm so excited for Kristen Cavalleri to save me from this blonde dipshit hell.

So in summary, if you see Heidi in public please be mean to her... throw something. like something physical... but feel free to "hurl" insults as well. Although she'll probably just tell herself (and whoever's willing to listen) that you're "just jealous". But newsflash, Heidi: WE'RE NOT.

sorry to be so mean but she really rubs me the wrong way.

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