Saturday, February 16, 2008

the environment is not sexy

So Liberty’s looking fucking good lately, huh? She has less belly in that purple dress than Emma, who is in no way remotely close to anything but hot. Emma is REALLY pretty. Emma can NOT walk in heels… waaayyyy too much arm swaying. Let’s make both of those previous comments Miriam McDonald instead of Emma. I don’t think there’s any reason she’d intentionally act Emma as not able to walk in heels. She’s tall, so I guess it makes sense. Anyways, at least she’s not anorexic anymore. Emma, that is. I know nothing about Miriam McDonald as a person… well, besides that most of the cast has, at some point, said she’s really fucking weird (they didn’t swear). So that’s interesting… you see a lot of cases of pretty (socially) normal/relatable girls playing weirdos, and that’s always kind of impressive, so I guess if she’s as weird in real life as it sounds like she might be, it’s probably pretty impressive that she plays someone so socially normal. BUUUUT I guess Emma’s not really that, either. ANYWAYS. Manny is the best.

UM ps advertising purple dragon girl… and, I guess, writers… you are in a HIGHSCHOOL. Emma is a senior. Everyone knows her. Guys are not coming up to her and telling her to get naked. But OH MY GOD if they make emma anorexic again… well, that fictional company is going DOWN. She JUST got over that, let her get back to boy issues.

Ps… I will say that the anorexia eps are some of the best of the whole series.

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