Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've got a crush on Obama

John McCain sex scandal? I really appreciated how John Stewart responded to it, right as Larry King broke it on his show... if there really is some issue with illegal dealings between him and a lobbyist, then yes it's valid and should be exposed, but, as I believe he said "parasitic dealings with lobbyists" are very out in the open and known about and him accepting money is nothing that anyone doesn't know. And if it's about a personal relationship between him and this woman, and both of them are denying it, and it was years ago, and he's married and has a family and is old and a respected member of society... then this is just really unnecessary and another example of trying to turn important news into entertainment and the stories into pop culture and it degrades the whole idea of what we're supposed to be accomplishing. So I hope this fades away. Just let it go people. A cigar is just a cigar.

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