Thursday, February 28, 2008

may all your ups and downs be in bed

How does Hugh Hefner not seem at all repellent? He's just so likable and respected in like a real way, somehow, and it's kind of amazing. Star quality. Some people just have it. But jesus. He's a genius... it's crazy. He's just this really creative visionary guy and he had this vision going from when he was like... 15? And he just did it. I'm watching the THS and he like... got rejected by this girl because he didn't know how to be the pursuer, and so then he just decided to reinvent himself as this really cool irresistible guy so that people would pursue him instead. And it jut worked. And then he had this creative vision as well, involving glorifying beautiful women and he drew all these cartoons that are pretty amazing... and he blended it and got it done. Craaaaazy. That wasn't nearly a good explanation, but you should tivo it, it's way interesting. Respec'.

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