Thursday, February 28, 2008

you're either in or you're out

There's this show AxMen coming on, and I'm pretty excited. Because, being from Minnesota, and even though it seems completely strange to me now, I kind of always had the impression that you could legitimately grow up to be a lumberjack. I mean, that was something that actual people did, that I had seen. We have the Lumberjack Festival up in Stillwater or somewhere like that, and they do the whole log running thing, and you see it on ESPN and I feel like to most people I know now that's just ridiculous, it's a show, it's whatever... but that's real, and maybe like 15 years before me there were kids that were going to my high school and then being lumberjacks. Is that the weirdest? But anyways, I've always seen it as more real and seen lumberjacks as real and not fictional characters, like I feel some people do, like it's Paul Bunyan and that's it... but Paul Wellstone went and met with a bunch of log workers and I saw the meeting once and it was good. So... the show should be good.

OH MY GOD HOW INTENSE??!!!? So excited. I wonder if it's on already? Oh man.

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Joshua said...

honestly....not impressed. people arent really lumberjacks are they?