Friday, March 14, 2008

cold as fire baby hot as ice

So Lindsay Lohan has decided to come out with a line of leggings. WELL, it's ABOUT TIME! To be honest, I bet I will want a lot of them, because I dig leggings and I usually like what she wears, mostly because, again, I enjoy leggings. Anyways, my guess is they'll be somewhere along the lines of Jeremy Scott... big random patterns on different colors... and Jeremy Scott leggings are high on my wish list, mainly because you can wear them with a mens hanes undershirt and it's a cool outfit. Top that, jeans!

All in all, I really think that only good can come of this. Plus, we can talk about Lindsay again! I really miss her. Oh yeah and her hair looks awesome now, too... anytime it's remotely reddish I'm a big supporter.

In the leggings vein... LCs clothing line is kinda... I mean, it's not ugly or anything it's just sort of blah. Right? I actually think the Audrina dress is kind of adorable, and all of it's definitely wearable (that's in the picture to the right)... it's just also wearable when you buy it from Forever 21. You know? Plus, it really annoys me how Lauren ALWAYS wears 1)plain billowy tops with leggings or 2) plain empire cut dresses or 3) jeans and a plain tube or tank top. Not that she doesn't look cute but why is she some fashion icon now? because she can dress herself not uglily? (I KNOW that's not a word)... also her clothes are kinda pricey which... I guess makes them seem cooler? But also, it's stupid, because they're not interesting and there's no real intrigue about her that merits them being so overpriced, she's pretty damn accessible, in my opinion. Despite how that last sentence looks I really like Lauren (not as much as Kristen, obvs)... I just don't see paying 42 dollars for this tube top just because she "designed" it, aka said "hey, maybe some rouching (sp?) between the boobs, just like on the ones I have been constantly wearing from Abercrombie or whatever since LB season one". Ya dig?

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