Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Customer Number 9

So on the radio this morning (probably kroq but it's a rental car and I just listened to whatever came on, so it may have been some other LA station) they were talking about Eliot Spitzer (which is a ridiculous situation, my favorite part being that his only quote in the entire thing is "yeah, wonderful, okay" when they described "Kristen") and they had people calling in to tell stories and try to explain how a hooker (WITH A HEART OF GOLD) can possibly cost so much. Because, let's be real, at some point, no matter how hot this chick is, sex is sex is sex, whatever, and $4300 is a lotta scrill. So anyways, this chick calls in and... actually, this is a 2 parter. FIRST, she talks about how her roommate is a porn star and also an escort, and she makes 18 grand for an entire night (I call BS, but people throw money around like whoa, so who knows, especially if she's famous-ish as a porn star), and says that she has had some "high-profile" clients... and then proceeds to call out Steven Spielberg! Well, she says "in the mid-80's there was that movie, ET? The director of that." I hope she didn't think she was being vague... so, regardless, you heard it here first kids (unless you were listening to the same show as me this morning), Steven Spielberg pays 18 Gs to bang a porn star*.

Oh, the second part, which none of the djs noticed and I have to give this caller props for... they were like, "ok, if this girl's making $18,000 a night, WHY does she have a roommate?" and the girl answers, "well, you know in that lifestyle... people tend to blow that much money pretty quick..." hahahahah good one, caller. The djs totally missed it... I just nodded.

Oooooh Spitzy.... you're soooo screwed.

*please don't sue me IT WAS ON THE RADIO.

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