Thursday, March 27, 2008

cute outfits, and even cuter boys!

I just have to say I really like everything Britney is wearing here, boots to bag.

the new Elizabeth and James line is... well, god, I HATE to say this, but it's a little "meh". A little "you need to put more effort, not just more style, into this than into your wal-mart line, girls", if you know what I mean. But, it's all "okay", and the pictures are very well styled... I love the shoes that the models are wearing with almost every outfit. It's just not THAT original. The Row is rarely mind-blowing in it's originality either, but that's more focused on neutrals and clean lines and rich fabrics (like fur YAY FUR God I want a chinchilla coat...), while Elizabeth and James is a little more fun-fashiony... and, while I feel like I've been saying this about a LOT of fashion lines lately, and I guess maybe it's because not just any chick with media attention actually has the ability to start their own fashion line, regardless of whether they have the resources (though I don't think that applies here because I truly do respect the Olsens as fashion visionaries)... it's a little Wet Seal. I'M SO SORRY FOR SAYING THAT I REALLY LOVE YOU, MARY-KATE (you're alright too, Ash)... and that being said I really love the Hall Skirt and the Garbo Jacket (and the Dita Short! And I love them paired together... again, great styling for the website)... but really those items are the only ones that really are very original. The designs on the sequin items... well, it sort of looks like you just bought the pattern pre-made and made dresses out of it, and it either already had or you added sequins, but either way without the originality of the pattern it's basically just a long tank top. And some of the dresses are cute, but in kind of an "I wonder what Lauren Conrad is wearing today" sort of way. It really pains me to say these things to you. And I would, no doubt, spend my entire month's budget to own one of these dresses that I am now talking down, because of my love for all things Olsen... but I must be honest. I hurt because I love. Ummmmmm and if I could get hooked up with the fur jacket from the first season of the Row, that'd be dope. K thanx.

oh ps...
so Britney might be on Thirty Rock now. DOOOOOPE. Also, was Third Rock from the Sun really so big that we can now parody it's title for another, completely unrelated show? I know it's been a few years but that still seems weird.

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