Wednesday, March 19, 2008

girl scout cookie season!

So I'm kinda in to the new Sarah Marshall movie's ad campaign... made up pretty much of this blog and a bunch of billboards that are all over (at least LA, I assume it's more widespread). The one right by my house says 'My Mom Never Liked You Sarah Marshall!' Kinda clever, gets you interested I guess, like those posters all over that said "WHO IS RON PAUL?" and hey, now everyone knows... he's like Nader for conservatives! I know not EXACTLY, so don't get all riled up... the comparison is simple, but it works, I'm going with it. ANYWAYS. Again, I like the premise... it'd work a LOT better if the actors weren't both so recognizable, because the second you look at the blog you KNOW that it's fake (even though you should have been resonably sure of that before, because, who gets billboards?). Anyways, the reason I like that kind of campaign is because it'd be HILARIOUS for something like that to happen and it wasn't fake. Like some guy just got fuckin' pissed at a girl who cheated on him and started putting up hate-billboards and shit, all referring to his blog where he just blogged about what a whoreface she was. I'd have real respect for that guy.

I hope the movie doesn't suck, I really like the HIMYM guy.

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