Tuesday, March 11, 2008

(glass shattering)

Two of my very favorite things are coming together for the very first time! It's like a dream! Ok... ok... Britney Spears is going to be on How I Met Your Mother!

HIMYM is my very fave, it's hysterical, plus you have Neil Patrick-Harris AND Allison Hannigan AND a character who is Canadian. And now... BRITNEY!!

There are few pieces of news I could hear that could make me happier than this just did. THANKS, WORLD! What a great day.

Is that show Big Bang ever coming back on? I loved that show.

eta: how good does Brits hair look these days?

Man. Once again, she's gettin' it together. MAD PROPS B! Wow... Sorry.

1 comment:

Joshua said...

no shes not. she looks like trash in that pic and shes a 100 millionaire living on an allowance of 1500 a week. I mean....she may be on her way back to normalization....but its a lil premature to say shes gettin it back together methinks........