Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Things that I believe are part of Ashton Kutcher's stupid show:

Paris and Benji Madden because Nicole's with Joel, Paris is too huge a whore, and the rings are too obvious. Oh, and Paris sucks.
Scarlett Johansen directing a movie because she's wearing a beret.
The guys with guns on top of Kate Hudson's house because rich people have security and I bet her community's gated on top of that.

Note how none of these things are that interesting. Wouldn't it be awesome if the whole Britney breakdown was part of the show? I'd watch that.

Also... hey, Avril Lavigne: YOU'RE NOT THAT FAMOUS. Apparently the little punklet wore a fake belly for the show to trick people into thinking she's pregnant. It's funny because no one cares! GET IT?! Avril has ALWAYS had a problem with thinking she's suuuuuper famous and everyone is gonna care what she does when in reality the people who DID care probably don't anymore because she never has ANY enthusiasm and always acts like she's super important, and that gets old. She's lame, don't buy her shit.

... but the lil' mama girlfriend remix is amazing.

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