Wednesday, March 26, 2008

touch my body, throw me on the floor

So I watched it again and I'm fairly certain that Mariah Carey was, indeed, wearing a gold members only jacket when she performed on the Hills premier show. Let me say it again, a GOLD MEMBERS ONLY JACKET. Um, I want one. Maybe in silver?

Here she is with the whole Hills crowd because APPARENTLY I LOVE THE HILLS.

Um, Whit, you're the prettiest girl on this show, which is really saying something, and I'm a paley too so I feel you, but do SOMETHING about your legs because they're like gray. God, Mariah's so hot.

ps... so upon arrival at the event, Mariah was wearing what appears to be the EXACT same jacket, but instead of in Gold lame*, it is made of light pink pleather. Um... again, she's amazing. I want what she's having.

*like "lah-may", not "lame". get it right.


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