Wednesday, March 26, 2008

you can't be a pimp and a prostitute too

well motherfuck.

so "they", obviously meaning some mutant combination of scientists and the retards who love fishing (I mean no offense, because I actually like fishing, but I'm referring to like, those guys who are on the contests on ESPN and they win because they caught like 12 pounds of fish in a day, which I guess is okay but I mean COME ON that's not even THAT much fish, right?), have found a way to train fish to jump into nets on their own.

It's a little too euthanasia-esque for me, even though I totally don't care about fish, to the point where I didn't feed my goldfish for 5 months because "maybe it was immortal"... sorry, I'm a bad person. Also, I love sushi. But, regardless, this seems creepy, while admittedly very useful, especially if there's some sort of strike or something occuring in the fishery industry... which I kind of doubt, because I don't see fisherman as being that organized, especially if they're the kind that need LUCK to find fish, and who would benefit from this, as opposed to the big corporate boats that stick a net the size of texas in the middle of the ocean, because I'm guessing they're batting about a billion percent at catching fish that way.

eta: so I fully read the article, and I guess there's a shortage of black sea bass, or something, that this is really going to help with. THANK GOD.

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