Friday, April 18, 2008

I won't go home without you

So. Real World: Hollywood. Ummmmmmmm well we've officially gotten over even PRETENDING that this is a reality show. Ok, even if the people who have been on this, especially in recent seasons, are doing it to "get famous", which they probably are on some level, at least that's not like their actual life goal that they're pursuing outside of this. This season we have 7 strangers who are all actively pursuing a career in entertainment, and have all dreamed of moving to hollywood. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? We don't want to watch 7 hollywood wannabe douchebags live in a house, we want to watch SEVEN STRANGERS with DIFFERENT FUCKING ASPECTS OF THEIR LIVES. You know, someone who wants to be a politician. or an architect. or a teacher. or ANYTHING THAT DOESNT GET YOU ON E! NEWS. So stupid I'm so angry.

That being said some of these people are pretty likable. I'm torn on Sarah and Will, I LOVE SARAH'S HAIR, please tell me how to make mine do that. I like the blonde guy but the fact that I don't remember his name doesn't bode well for him. I am very anti-"angry drunk guy" but when Joey's being nice he's a doll and it looks like he works through some of his issues this season. Greg is, obviously, fucking stupid, which is what you get when you let people who go on vote. I mean he's not even that attractive, right? Am I crazy here? How did this guy win? there is NOTHING appealing about him. I hope we like "see a softer side" or whatever but even if we do, it'll probably be like when Beth says something nice... where you're like ummmm ok psycho way to normal it up for a minute.

Oh also they're living in a production studio on a studio lot and they don't even have full walls (note Greg listening from the kitchen while they're all in the confessional). Real World: Hollywood is about as real as paparazzi pictures of the demon couple (who shall, now and forever on this site, remain nameless).

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