Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've stopped caring whether the douchebags are preggers

CHECK IT! The Wackness looks SO. DOPE.


holy hell that embed code was long...

Anyways... look how good it looks! The best friend from Juno is in it! Her name's Olivia, maybe. I'll check. Yep, Olivia Thirlby. I think she's adorable, and interesting and based on current reports, probably nicer than Ellen Page (which is a shame). Also she's making a shitload of movies right now... she's blowin' up! Sick. She's set to be in some movie called Jack and Diane (which... is there really not a movie called that yet? that seems unlikely) that seems... well... possibly made up? but if not kind of interesting. ANYWAYS, back to the Wackness... Of course Mary-Kate will kill in it, because she's awesome, plus characters with dreadlocks are cool, plus, she's awesome. Also, the tagline for the movie is "Sometimes it's right to do the wrong things" which... well, words to live by.

So, go see the Wackness, you won't be sorry. Or you will but fuck it go anyways.

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