Friday, April 18, 2008

Moment of Blog: April 18 2008

Here we go, another insightful and enlightening passage from blogger extraordinaire, Bai Ling. Hold on to your hats kids...

"Well all the nice stores are for wealthy old lady, the size are way too huge, like Dolce & Gabbana the size starts from #4, so sad, I really have to eat much more of the pasta steak and cheese and lots of desert and bad food, I do anyway, I love desert, but maybe I have to eat from 5am on, god life is hard when you try to find a dress and look right, don't know why all the dresses are way bigger than me, sometimes I found the smallest dress still I am swimming in it, then my nipples suddenly see the opportunity to come out to see the sunlight and dance or look for the red light district, then I am the one gets into trouble the next day from the Internet or news papers, whom to blame but me, I looked at my nipples and want to punish them, but they are Innocent, its just their nature to be free and proud. Well sometimes I really have no place and no room to explain, I don't anymore, but just let it be. "

God bless Bai Ling, what a great weekend kickoff.

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Erin said...


I, too, have that problem. If only I could keep my nipples safely caged in my bra.