Friday, April 25, 2008

Moment of blog: COACHELLA!!!!!

HOORAY! Coachella started today, I'm leaving work in 10 and going straight down there I'm SO. PUMPED. And guess who else is going?? BAI LING!!! HOOORAAAAAAYYY!

and here it is, your moment of blog...

You know when I was in the army in Tibet, when there is a war and the leader will pull out a map or those human made little wooden models to show you what's going on or where you should go or hide or to attack which mountain, I thought somebody is doing this somewhere positioning us all --- over the world, just like the director on set, " Bailing you come here, no here! " Someone puts me here and positioned my fate. We are the miracle of nature, just like nature is our miracle, we just have to stuck somewhere and be happy. See this is what you do when you get bored, you imaging and slip into Another world witch is invisible to our lives nomally. I am looking for the weekend to wondering off somewhere far in the desert...... To find nothing but a little yellow butterfly......

what a nutcase. hopefully we'll be best friends by the end of the weekend! or not she's like 40.

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