Thursday, April 10, 2008

too legit to quit

ok... I'm sorry... I honestly feel like I might cry. or vomit. or a little of both, which would be reflective of my day so far. all due to this little doozy right here:

Ashlee Simpson. And Pete Wentz. Are engaged.
And possibly/probably pregnant.

Ok. I honestly was pretty into fallout boy for a while, and Pieces of Me is without question one of my top 10 songs of my 20s. However. This is the most douche-tastic couple in all of famedom... mostly of because how FUCKING LAME Ashlee is... and the thought of their Britney-mocking, no-talent-having, too-much-eyeliner-wearing not-funny-or-cool selves reproducing is just really appalling.

The end. Go throw up now.

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