Monday, April 14, 2008

ummmm team daisy

SO. I'm a little heartbroken. Just a little bit... ranging to kind of a lot. But seriously? Amber? She's not bad, and yes it really did seem like her and Brett had a connection... but Daisy's so great! and hotter! and less annoyingly perky all the time! And, not old. Let's not forget "not old". Also I mean... everyone attacked her for being fake or for lying or whatever, but her story was pretty clear to me... I truly believe that she 100% genuinely loved/loves Brett... and I think she had her shit a lot more together than people on the show were giving her credit for. Just because someone has fake boobs and dresses a touch slutty doesn't mean they are brain dead... ESPECIALLY in LA. Bottom line, as much as I would love to hate the "Daisy character" on this show, I didn't... she was too awesome and lovable and I totally want to hang out with her and drink beer and get a little sloppy at some sort of sporting event and make fools of ourselves yelling stuff that isn't funny... NOT TO MENTION that he's been banging her since the beginning and isn't that kind of messed up? I'm just saying.

So... YOUR LOSS, Brett Michaels, you go have a stable life with Amber, fine, I don't begrudge you anything, but Daisy was the winning pick and I'm just. so. sad.

Here's the randomest video...


At least Brett is still totally hot.

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Erin said...


God Daisy is so much better.