Friday, May 9, 2008

farmer shouldnt wear girls v neck shirts

Ok so I'm from the midwest and maybe life is just way different there... But, I'm watching farmer wants a wife and... Do people really get to age 21 without ever having milked an animal? Like... I haven't milked anything recently, because I don't really care about animals and whatever, but with preschool and summer camp and field trips and all that, I've probably milked 20 cows or so, not to mention a few goats. God maybe growing up in the midwest is really weird, even as I'm writing this I can see how insane it looks to someone from like LA. We also call parking structures "ramps", btw.

But also my entire willingness to accept the premise of this show was blown, because he showed up to the girls' house in overalls over a purple deep v neck t that I'm pretty sure I have and is american apparel. So, either a) he is getting dressed by producers who are retarded, b) he is gay or c) he is not a farmer. My guess is d) all of the above.

ALSO, politics has been brought up entirely too much. People get uncomfortable when characters are vocally opposed to their political views.

I should sleep, but duty calls.

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