Saturday, May 17, 2008

(Not-So) Hot Canadians: Danso Gordon

This is Danso Gordon. Say hello.

He's Canadian! I was watching South of Nowhere, The N's best show besides Degrassi (and maybe as good now that those crazy Canadians have gotten all slicked out and popular), and I thought, are these actors Canadian too? I checked Mandy Musgrave and Christian... Something (the two girls) first, because they're the main characters, I guess, but they're from DC and Florida (reverse respectively). But! Then I checked this feller out, and he's from Toronto!

well, this is where this ends. Doing some research, I found that he left South of Nowhere due to their "pro-homosexual agenda". I guess everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I can no longer include him with the likes of the joyous Christian Lander and Tokyo Police Club (though, admittedly, I do not know their views on homosexuality, I do know that their DISLIKE of homosexuality is not something that has been relevant enough to be included on their wikipedia page (and Christian Lander IS searchable on Wikipedia, I checked, although it does redirect to the "Stuff White People Like" page. Which is acceptable for now)).

I may decide to take this down, but I'm feeling bold right now so here goes.

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