Tuesday, May 6, 2008

solve any crime by dinner time

so I guess I'm like the only person in the world that thinks Mary-Kate looks awesome in this outfit...

And it's not even because I love her. I love the gold, I love the shoes, I love the vintage-store-find type cut of the dress, I love the messy hair... she looks great. I really don't see what people aren't liking? Like, they're commenting that it's "too big" but... it's not. And they're commenting that it's too drapey, but... drapey is a look too, deal with it. And they're commenting about her hair looking bad but... HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO DO THE MESSY/HOT THING? It's hard and I love it.

Even weirder is that everyone's talking about how amazing Ashley looked, and while she does look like a real live grown up in that dress, she also sort of looks like she just got a chemical peel or something...

I mean, right? She looks weird. She looks like Marcia Brady. Or like she needs a shower. Or some combination thereof. Ew, actually, I figured it out, but it's too terrible... in the picture to the left, she looks like Dominique from Next Top Model (the one who's on right now)... and if you're watching you're aware that that is not a compliment. Pull it together, Ash, are you wasted?

Also, MK is wearing like 3 inch heels, what the hell shoes is Ashley rocking to pull this height difference off?

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