Tuesday, June 17, 2008

5 dollar footlongs

The way they're marketing hancock is really interesting. They're just letting a little bit go at a time. First there was just him flying onto a beach, grabbing a whale and throwing it... And hitting a boat. (Wait, sorry... FIRST there were building sized posters for it in la with no real descriptive images. Weird.) Ok so then there was the whale throwing but also him flying around drunk and generally being a goofy fuckup. So then we had a protagonist. Then there was the flying drunk, and some guy confronting him and encouraging him to use his powers for good. And either with that or the next one, we have Hancock talking and taking on becoming the hero he can be. So he's the Rudy of superheroes. In a way. And now, the newest ones, we see him start to become a real superhero. So... If you think about it, if you wait a few more weeks they'll probably have covered most of the plot, and you can save a buck.

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