Wednesday, June 11, 2008

moment of blog: june 11

well Bai Ling has done it again. Here's your moment of blog.

"I can't believe it, there are life orenge trees just stand in front of me and behind me when I walked out of the door, so fresh and real, it opened my eyes instincly from the tiredness of the daily life. How magic nature is and life, the color tha shape, the test of its own individul flaver, can't figure it out how, but I always think nature is the master of Art, they create all kinds of art in all kinds of ways to please us, to give us joy and fun and enlightment and love. I am lucky to see those orenge trees and to test its flaver of freshness just right there, just after the sunset but we still can see the color of the orenge, yes, all the fresh orenges just like hundreds of the reduced sun, maybe there are the baby the sun left for us after he is gone for the day? Maybe the sun is just a gigantic fresh orenge hanging on a big invisible earth tree?"

Maybe, Bai Ling. May... be.

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