Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mario Lopez

I LOOOOOVE Americas Best Dance Crew (if you're not watching it, I DONT CARE HOW LAME YOU THINK IT IS IN THEORY, you MUST watch. It's amaaazing), but I can NOT handle shows where "America Votes!". Fuck people, man, Xtreme Dance Force was DOPE, they just got NO cred because they're rich white boys. So what, man, those boys can dance their asses off. I hope the little kid on that crew** isn't like, five foot nothing, because if he's taller than me... well, I hope to marry him. That boy's got some SHIT. In a totally, totally good way. XTREME DANCE FORCE, Keep it up, you're fuckin dope and society needs some fuckin cute boys that are (even potentially) straight. No offense, Zac Efron. I mean, you may be the prettiest human that's existed in the history of existence (and that's not exaggeration), but... let's be honest. Believing you're straight just seems far too optimistic.

(Additionally, however, I'd like to emphasize that you're fucking bomb in... well, High School Musical, but also everything else, and this should in no way be seen as any sort of criticism... it's just that no one as hot as you could possibly be even remotely attainable. Or like, the world would explode, or something.)

nobody believed (or even believes entirely, despite his dating of SEVERAL vicky's models) that Leo was straight either. So... I guess play retarded and you're oscar bound?

Then again I guess that's true for anyone that has any recognizability... play retarded or aids-having and you're almost assured a nod. But... and, let's be honest... no one wants to see Zac Efron retarded. We want to see him... well, flirting. With me. IN REAL LIFE.

God I hate being way too old for my crushes.

**I'm SCOURING the internet, how is there not a fucking profile? I love these boys.

(again... too old for these crushes. I need to stick to Chad from Alltell (my TOP celeb crush, shut up you're dumb, he's fucking hot)... I bet he's around my age.)

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