Monday, August 4, 2008

get busy livin: best wishes morgan freeman

Mario lopez managed to become so cool that, going to a commercial on dance crew he said "ABDC, keep it locked"... And then he winked... And I DIDNT FIND IT ANNOYING. I mean there people that can pull that off, but almost entirely they are people who, at least initially, were comedy-based. Him and neil patrick harris have fuckin ANSWERS man.

That was going to end there but... I get that they were both on sitcoms, which are... Well, situational comedies, you could say. So they could be seen as comedic actors... But there's a distinction between the artistic images they have and, say, a will ferrell. I guess it comes down to, if you flipped to a channel and this person was on, whether you would automatically KNOW it was a comedy. There's the distinction.


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