Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emmy Commentary!!!

I missed the beginning? So I am pretending this is part 2 of this post.

Hmmm... I wish the laugh-in revamp had gotten a better reception. Lily Tomlin is really a classic figure in comedy, and that show really was revolutionary... I don't remember it well enough to tell if the characters were making mistakes in this little skit, or if they're just kind of old now. I hope it's the latter.

John Stewart is so classy... they won best variety and he waited in the aisle for the entire crew to pass and gave each one a hug before they went up. The man is just great.

LC designed the Emmy models' dress? weird? Also, I now have to hate her, because she got to present with Angel. NO. FAIR. I LOVE ANGEL.

... OH GOD and she got to present to TINA FEY!! God this girl is so lucky it makes me just want to diiiiieeeeee (still love her though - and girl looks HOT, can't argue with that). Tina Fey also looks just gorgeous. LETS FIND PICTURES!

Her boobs looks freaking fantastic.

WORK the curves, Tina! Awesome. She looks awesome.

So there is some HARDCORE avoidance of political opinions on this show... I heard that it was essentially "banned" by NBC which... well, some see the constant flow of actor opinions as having been harmful to Obama in this campaign. And that could be true, I don't know - people are swayed by weird stuff, and pay no attention to some stuff they really should (like, say, facts). Regardless, however, I feel that if these people feel strongly enough, and manage to win an emmy, and have that 30 seconds on live television to get some message out to the world... well then they should be able to say whatever they damn well please. IF THE REPUBLICANS DONT WANT TO GET HATED ON BY ACTORS MAYBE THEY SHOULD BE MORE APPEALING AS A PARTY.

There's an emmy for "reality competition program". I just threw up a little.


There really aren't a ton of people I like getting attention... I mean, the standards are Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert... who are dominating the screen, no doubt... but I want a tv drama star. So I guess that means Lost... jesus what have I been watching for the past year? OOOH! I want NPH to win. Did that award already happen? Was he nominated? How I Met Your Mother FTW!
... ok I looked it up. He WAS nominated but Piven got it. Ok. Acceptable. I would also have accepted: Rainn Wilson.

Don Rickles is great. GREAAAT. Kathy Griffith is shaking laughing.

I really, really love Neil Patrick Harris. And! he presented Don Rickles with his Emmy! that's great all around.

WHOA Cynthia Nixon looks skiiiinnnyyyyyyyy. But, her hair looks AWESOME.

Ok. I'm bored. Let's assume Lost and 30 Rock win, even though they won't. And now that that's taken care of, I'm off to get beer. WISH ME LUCK!

hummus sounds good...

Follow the word of the pita. Obamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I don't understand "saving for the rainy day" its like, live now! Live like its your last day every day." Rachel Zoe

everything about her show makes me like her immensely, but I feel like she's incredibly unlikable at the same time. I'M SO CONFLICTED.

I think a large part of my growing-by-the-moment affection is based on a) how teeny tiny she is, b) her consistent wearing of fur and c) the fact that she was married to her husband well before any of the mainstream had ever heard of her.

I guess my only conflict, really, is coming from how demonized she was (though it sounds like for good reason) over the slew of anorexic clients a couple years ago. But really? Even if she DID give these girls horse tranquilizers or whatevs, it's not like Nicole Richie and L. Lo were pillars of stability and health. And, let's be honest, regardless of whether they were "too skinny", while she was their stylist those girls looked fab at everything. And in Hollywood, you can't argue with a best dressed list.

Maybe my conflict with her is tied in with my conflict of loving the super skinny look but disliking how unhealthy it is? I want to look like Kate Moss, and I don't begrudge Lilo or anyone else that same desire. However, I also do not begrudge them a sandwich or 2, and would rather not have to worry that my beloved starlets are going to crack a rib if they have to laugh in a movie (a worry which is torturing me in reference to my new love, Silver, who looks like she just might crack in half - but whose character (and yes I know Silver is the character but go with it), luckily, is not a big laugher, due to the fact that she's supremely fucked up and guarded. SAFE FOR NOW, until she gets farther into this just begun evolution, at the end of which we have to assume she'll be "likable", meaning unlikable to us, the viewers. MUCH LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS SHOW, with the returning cast, Jessica Walter, and Mr. Matthews obviously excepted. OOOOOH MY GOD BY THE WAY!!! DYLAN!!! HOOORAY!!! GOD I want the love triangle so bad. So, so bad. WOW quite a tangent here, yeah?).

So, therein lies the conundrum. I hope you follow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

kenley is insufferable

Rihanna and ti sampling numa numa might be the most hilarious thing ever...

and also one of the best examples of how the internet is influencing... well, everything. Here's the throwback in case you've been, like, dead or something for the last 4 years.

mai la HAHA!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I kind of love Silver


eta: Naomi's dad is cheating on her mom with a woman named GAIL?? lame. Have her name be Natalie or Lucinda or some shit. Please.

also... oooh! Kelly's mom's back!!


just a creative homeless guy


Jews and Canadians are SO. GREAT.

stride commercials bug me

look at this! it's from comic con (or however the hell they choose to spell that). It's Christian Lander! He's so cute and cuddly and canadian and c-awesome. "cleavage - both positive and negative". ha.


Friday, September 5, 2008

I love this

It's charming, it's innovative, it's entertaining and bright and good job bill gates. being that rich and likable is difficult.

that being said... Sarah Palin? I really hope this is as ridiculous as it has to get before the final nail's in the coffin... I want a blowout. No good argument, mccain, what on earth... lindsay lohan called her the lynne spears of politics.

So there's that, the support of the death that is speidi, and this...

oh yeah and a pregnant daughter. I don't care if her daughter's pregnant, but what if Barack Obama's daughter was pregnant? would it be private then? not a shot. a woman is not hilary, this woman is not ready to be president of the united states, and THAT is the final point, when it comes down to it.