Thursday, September 18, 2008


I don't understand "saving for the rainy day" its like, live now! Live like its your last day every day." Rachel Zoe

everything about her show makes me like her immensely, but I feel like she's incredibly unlikable at the same time. I'M SO CONFLICTED.

I think a large part of my growing-by-the-moment affection is based on a) how teeny tiny she is, b) her consistent wearing of fur and c) the fact that she was married to her husband well before any of the mainstream had ever heard of her.

I guess my only conflict, really, is coming from how demonized she was (though it sounds like for good reason) over the slew of anorexic clients a couple years ago. But really? Even if she DID give these girls horse tranquilizers or whatevs, it's not like Nicole Richie and L. Lo were pillars of stability and health. And, let's be honest, regardless of whether they were "too skinny", while she was their stylist those girls looked fab at everything. And in Hollywood, you can't argue with a best dressed list.

Maybe my conflict with her is tied in with my conflict of loving the super skinny look but disliking how unhealthy it is? I want to look like Kate Moss, and I don't begrudge Lilo or anyone else that same desire. However, I also do not begrudge them a sandwich or 2, and would rather not have to worry that my beloved starlets are going to crack a rib if they have to laugh in a movie (a worry which is torturing me in reference to my new love, Silver, who looks like she just might crack in half - but whose character (and yes I know Silver is the character but go with it), luckily, is not a big laugher, due to the fact that she's supremely fucked up and guarded. SAFE FOR NOW, until she gets farther into this just begun evolution, at the end of which we have to assume she'll be "likable", meaning unlikable to us, the viewers. MUCH LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS SHOW, with the returning cast, Jessica Walter, and Mr. Matthews obviously excepted. OOOOOH MY GOD BY THE WAY!!! DYLAN!!! HOOORAY!!! GOD I want the love triangle so bad. So, so bad. WOW quite a tangent here, yeah?).

So, therein lies the conundrum. I hope you follow.

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