Monday, August 17, 2009

monday is sunday

look. I am watching 'the fabulous life of the worlds most impossibly huge yachts ever' or something. this is a note to all you super rich people. look at the world. look at the country. share the wealth people. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO CAN FIX THIS. I am not suggesting socialism. I am not suggesting that you should be REQUIRED to share your (sometimes) hard earned wealth, or by any means that you shouldnt get to have nice stuff if you have the means. I am just saying that when you could throw 50 million at something and not even FEEL it, why not do so? help out with SOMETHING. THE WORLD IS FALLING APART. EMPLOY SOME PEOPLE. give to a scholarship fund, or to a university! ucla is laying people off left and right, and its going to affect the education. give to a low income medical insurer, or hospital. invest in a start up company. give to no on 8. give to save the music. just care about the world. because you are the ones who can change it. we can all try, but you just CAN HELP RIGHT NOW ITS EASY! lets be big picture.

Monday, July 13, 2009

full service


It actually doesnt look THAT much better on this chick, so maybe its just an unflattering dress. it should be shorter?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay lets be clear here. I am not calling Mischa Barton fat.

But this photo? Is not flattering.

Monday, June 29, 2009

you know that love survives, so we can rock forever

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - Michael Jackson

a few days late, but lets take a moment. or, lets be real, a year or so. His youtube channel has also been updated with tons of songs that don't have videos (excluding the above, oddly enough).

the king is dead, long live the king

Sunday, June 28, 2009

yo go do this you will look really cool

NEW PROJECT!! Ok ok so I have resisted becoming a twitter obsessive on this blog, but I am starting a twitter-based site With some other people. It's mad awesome, basically you just tweet (@) us whatever you are eating, and we post it on the site with a link to your twitter page. Great way to get followers, and also just seem really cool when you pig out on something interesting... check it out, and start tweeting us during your daily grub sessions! and on twitter @whatyoueat.

I will pick it up on here as well...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

recession shmecession

oh noooooo christian lacroix is folding??? they make THE BEST couture pieces. Of anyone, seriously. That dress MK wore to the Met Costume Ball was gorge... ugh I am sad. COME ON ECONOMY LETS PICK IT UP.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I can't get her off of my brain

jesus christ check out team britney handle the shit out of this situation. I mean seriously that was seamless! what are they, trained for this specific scenario? the only dancers accepted were also cia ops? I know that the level of security around britney at all times must be just insane - jamie spears, I am sure, has got it on lock down that no person or thing gets within 10 feet of her without his blessing - but this is beyond what's conceivable. well played team britney.

(but also, sad because it makes you think about how regimented her life must be. just... robotic.)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

waiting for my wish to come true

I think it's funny that they added the feature to IM where you can keep your status as "away" while you are actively chatting. In original IM you couldn't do that, as soon as you sent a message it would go back to active. I like that they got the message that there's a common need to physically block the IMs of undesirables, and so they'd like the built in "wuss" function to help them avoid any confrontation, please. the internet makes you a liar.

Monday, April 20, 2009

danger. she smashed the homies.

oh my god how much plastic surgery did farrah get?! she's a totally different person, I swear it's really crazy. she looks like a small town news lady.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moment of Blog 4/16

So, let's talk about Bai Ling's new blog format. Someone's really learning about the internet! Also, her updates have been amazing. However, all this is reduced to sheer irrelevance when you hear this next piece of news. Bai Ling is writing a book, to be entitled... Nipples: A Novel.


Here's an interview she did recently, and read to the end because it gets nuts.

In that interview, she discusses the 8 spirits that live inside her mind, and the following is a blog excerpt that she describes as those spirits arguing:

I mean No, The eye! No 2 eyes baby, 2! No No baby just one eye, no no no, I mean 2 eyes are the beautiful windows of our human soul, No 1 eye, did I just said 1 eye or 2 eyes? But what I really mean is the eyes, No no are the eyes, I mean the big 2 eye crossed with each other, from each other, as 2 people a man and a woman making love, love, love more baby......No why am I talking about love, did you ask me something about Love? Yes love baby, Love in the first it? How could that be? Love is blind like a blind man is about to hit the also blind wall, yes, just go for it baby, no pain no gain, yes go for it baby, hit hard, hard as if you just eat a huge steak, yes I am hungry for some , some......what am I hungry for? I forgot, did you just knocked my empty head with your blue eyes, yes, thats it, the eyes are the soul mate are found by your question, what/ I forgot my steps, how many have taken already, you mean the medison? What kind? eyes is so pure can not have sand, not even just one little tiny drop....." " Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! baby glue! " "Whats wrong with your brain?!" "Stop! Can't sleep!" "We are in a serious interview don't jump around!" " I did not jump around, what are you talking about?" " Brian, do you have a brain?" " Hi what is brain? Do we really need one? For what? " " You are crazy, I was just dreaming of my hot ice cream and your loud voice wake me up like a storm!" " What the F....night mear problem all of you idant!' " " You shot up earth people!" " Earth people? You think you know better? go back to your moon to dream find your brain then come back and then we can have a intelligent convertible, " " What?" " No I mean conversation!" " don't wast my time I am in the hurry to find my memory to pee...." " What the F..!!!!!!!!" " Its in the middle of the night coffee time talk show on the air again my sleepless wondering soulmate baby blue cowboy shoes, just 1.......

How are you?

jesus christ.

brother for sale

And your new background is...

Lizzie Olsen, everybody.
Check this shit out.

She's treated like royalty. This is what's hard to explain about the Olsens, and I've been asked; they're* always going to be among the "most famous" of the moment, regardless of their active participation in the public eye at that time. Because their fame has evolved; they're like the us version of royalty, in terms of how their celebrity is handled (not in the sense that we think they should have a voice in politics or public issues... and for that matter, they clearly don't think so either). So now Lizzie is royalty too. She gets to be famous, "just because".

and... ok I am serious. watch this video.

so now everyone can love her and she'll become like the new kennedy and probably solve world hunger with her handbags or something and then marry a prince in the south of france (I bet ashley has already done that).

*not sure what angle I was going to take, I took a full 10 seconds deciding whether to write "their" or "they're".

update! everyone thinks so.

Monday, April 13, 2009

you're so two thousand and late

the problem with buying high-end designer stuff is you're a lot more likely to see some celebrity you hate wearing the item you own, thus destroying it's beauty for you. Could you really be gaga over your new marchesa dress if you saw paris hilton parading it all over town? the magic is gone at that point.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

you wouldn't like him when he's angry

Rashida Jones in I Love You, Man is my new fashion icon. So cute. So much yellow, which I totally can't pull off, but she looks great in. So many cardigans! She's really brought me a whole new perspective on pairing yellow and brown. Revolutionary.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

this is what I did today

this pink dolphin is the coolest thing ever. it's like lisa franks dreams are becoming a whimsical, bubble-gum reality. I want a pet tiger cub.

Monday, February 23, 2009

why do you always wear so much purple?

I just found this from Christian Lacroix, and I really just need the perfect person to wear this to something and totally pull it off:

Maybe Leighton Meester? With some major platform gold heels. Yeah, perfect.

eta: I was thinking about this after posting, and am bothered that I still support my nomination of Leighton to wear this, despite the fact that THIS much dress would really be flattering on someone with a little more length... why do I not have affection for any tall girls? I feel like I should want to put this on a Diane Kruger or a Keira Knightly... but they both just look so dead-eyed all the time, where Leighton or perhaps Vanessa Hudgens (although she shouldn't be getting given couture quite yet) or maybe... oooh... maybe an Ashley Olsen could really just kill this. Tiny girls with a zen quality about them. That's my jam, I guess.

you wanna be on top?

So, following my previous day-1 post, fashion week really stepped up. And above all, let me just say this: Marc Jacobs, I love you. I want to go through that whole collection, one outfit a day, and then start over. I want those floral tights in every color. I want to shake your hand for making a band dress I like even BETTER than an herve leger. I want to die and giggle at the same time over your color palette. LOVE.

Thanks for stepping it up, fashion week

I love Taraji P. Henson

I love time science. Read this article. It's da coolest.

In case you're thinking to yourself, "no, I'm not going to go read that, science is boring and/or I won't understand it", here's a preview:

"As predicted by quantum mechanics, and as verified by countless laboratory experiments, space-time becomes turbulent at very tiny scales, as "virtual particles" — electrons and positrons, protons and anti-protons, for instance — pop in and out of existence for fleeting moments, faster than the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle allows them to be individually seen. This process should extend all the way down to tiny black holes 10–33 centimeter wide popping in and out of existence in just 10–44 second. In other words, at such a fine scale, space-time itself should become foamy and indeterminate.

But does this happen, really?

According to some theories that attempt to unify quantum mechanics with general relativity, very-short-wavelength gamma rays will begin to "feel" the fine-scale space-time turbulence, which would act to retard their velocity. In other words, if these theories accurately describe nature, high-energy gamma rays would travel slightly slower than the speed of light. You can think of the space-time foam as presenting a longer pathway to a small particle than to a larger one that "sees" space as being smooth and flat."

SPACE FOAM. It's like magic schoolbus meets stephen hawking, with a dash of star wars (but as a g-rated arcade game). So cool. I will find time travel, I'm so confident.

isn't the world a lovely place

My Little He-Man.


the rest here:

Sunday, February 15, 2009


i just realized I have no idea whether or not jamie-lynn is currently pregnant. This must be remedied.

never thought I'd be on a boat

ok so yahoo is being really dumb, and my internet's too slow for me to go slogging all over the internet looking for pictures, because, what am I your slave or something? but it's fashion week (on a budget!) in ny and the shows are... well, I'm going to say it, they're boring. for the most part, just uninspired and they make me tired and now I'm rhyming so I'll move on.

First, some positives. I'm kind of into Monique Lhullier's dresses, I'd def take one for my mid-20s prom that is obviously happening... there are some pieces from Rag & Bone that I'm pretty into, the Vena Cava detail is fantastic, I think Charlotte Ronson is starting to come into her own in a big way (although I hate that brown plaid), and some of the nicole miller stuff is nice in a simple way. I really appreciate the surrealist approach taken by Tse, which made their show seem like some anesthesia-induced dream. Kudos to the excellent show put on by abaete, not too crazy but very put-together and engaging. And of course, it was Barbi FTW. As usual.

Sadly, as we look at fashion week overall? Not so good. Alexander Wang, who I normally love? Boring. Why is everything black and white and grey and DEPRESSING? do we have to dress like an interpretation of our economy? also, I'm trying to like it, and I could be convinced that the pieces would be very pretty individually, but with only a couple exceptions the models in Yigal Azrouel's show looked like straight up hot messes. I'm way into messy-hot fashion, despite being too small and too bad at doing my hair to pull it off very effectively, but da-yum, these clothes are going in TOO MANY DIRECTIONS. Jason Wu managed to be boring, even despite the great use of color and patterns... I don't even know how it happened, there are all the components of something I should love, but it all just looks really uninspired and flat. The showing by Reem Acra was incredibly theatrical, and the gowns look beautiful, but on closer inspection they are sort of predictable and cheap looking, like you got them at a mall. which is not good.

I know times are tough, kids, but you are ARTISTS, this is FASHION, and it is SUPPOSED TO BRING ME SOME JOY. try harder, stop making designer t-shirts and belting them we already know how to do that, and for the love of god WORK IN SOME COLOR. where the F is betsey johnson when you need her.

So what have we learned? You can do an entire show of boring black dresses, EVERY bitch on the planet is ripping off herve leger, primary colors (and especially bright blue) are the new jam so stock up, and people won't put on a show if no one is going to come. I hope some better shows come along, I hope some of the charlotte ronson stuff is affordable, I hope the olsens go to some shows, I hope I get nationally infamous for blowing a politician so that I can get invited to fashion week next year like aa dupre, I hope amanda bynes stops trying to design things... thank god for obama, because I can't do all this hoping alone.

I'm here for the love of ray j

So something about Cocktail on for the love of ray j (aka the most hilarious show ever) just really makes me want to hang out with her. even though I'd probably hate her, because she's like, super major girly and I generally am not the biggest maker of friends with that type (and, more to the point, she's on a dating reality show, but I can't judge that as I would definitely go on a show to win a date with christian lander or chad the alltell guy). but she's VERY pretty and I like that she's self-aware. like, when she won the date she was all "well there are two other girls so I know I have to look SUPER hot". Which is awesome. Also it doesn't bug me that she calls ray j "baby" all the time, and she did have some cool boots, and also didn't get shaken when ray j thought she said boobs, which was the best moment on the show.

honestly for realz, watch this show, it's amazing. I'd say it rivals brett michaels rock of love 3 tour bus, the best show in the world with the longest name since the pussycat dolls presented that show with their name in the title like 4 times.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

millionaire matchmaker

Lookbook is my new television.

This is a great outfit.

in the center of the ring

I found this on breatheheavy, it is just amazing.

when is a new rock of love bus on? I'm addicted to brett michaels.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

what is a disco stick

So luke's like, obviously going to win bromance, right?

Monday, January 19, 2009

our country tis of thee

I could just weep. It's the most amazing day of our lives.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

you know you love me, xoxo


I know everyone except me hates little J, but this is probably the best thing ever. She's a superhero!

Friday, January 9, 2009

it's the world where you live

This is pretty good (click the link blogger can't format a picture that wide). Not too nuts, but good execution.

I dress like the 70s, I live like the 90s

So, I can NOT stop looking at this site, lookbook. Essentially, people send in artsy pictures of themselves in cool outfits. I guess you vote and stuff, so that's the motivation for sending in your pictures, but I really just can't stop looking at it. After, like, an hour of perusing yesterday, here are some of my faves:

because everyone loves sweaters, and those shoes are cute

because I love a red shoe

because she's a 16 year old from Finland and it's just crazy enough to be awesome

because she looks like a cupcake

just because it's a cool picture, and the girl is seriously skinny

because she just looks really cute in that outfit, and I want to go shopping with her

because I would wear this even though it looked terrible on me, which it would

because I want to wear this every day, and she probably does.

because she's soooo skinny, and her description is "19 year old prostitute from Texas"

because she's wearing the mary-kate rip off shoes from forever 21, and I really think wide leg jeans are about to be back in a big way

Go check it out, you won't be sorry.

In other fashion news, here's my must-haves for Spring 09:
Wide-leg jeans
gauzy tops (esp. high necked with a bow)
statement hats (my personal preference currently is a Charlie Chaplin hat, which makes me look a little like Annie Hall... but that's a look I can live with. My other fave is the wide brimmed hats that look like you'd wear them to a polo match. If, you know, people went to polo matches.)
pink, purple, cream combos
bright pink, orange, teal combos
tweed/camel (especially good to balance the gauzy florals, in terms of texture)
pleated knee length skirts
platforms stripper heels (esp. great with the wide leg jeans)

I love clothes, I want to shop... it's because the weather's getting good again. Changing seasons makes clothes hounds salivate in anticipation.

I really like The City

Christian Lander Picture Day!!!

Here is Christian Lander drinking a large beer, apparently in some sort of Asian fast food joint (that serves beer - awesome), and less apparently but maybe sitting next to a poster for some sort of Asian Harold and Kumar variant (odd, as both characters are Asian themselves, no?).

He's so great!

Happy Friday, don't get hit by any cars.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

and fire away

even the world's best stander got there by spending some time on their knees.

you'll be calling but I wont' be at the phone

I don't think I've posted that before, it's seriously hilarious.

So there's some amazing music right now. Lykke Li is killing it - killing. it. I can't stop listening to her album Youth Novels, my favorite tracks are complaint dept. and little bit, and obviously I'm good I'm gone, her single, is amazing. Also rocking my life is Ezra Furman and the Harpoons, who I can't get enough of. Take Off My Sunglasses is what I want to listen to all the time. In fact, I will play it for you now, and then probably just loop through it for the rest of the day while I search in vain for a job that doesn't make me want to die.

Take Off Your Sunglasses - Ezra Furman And The Harpoons

on that note, who knows someone who has a job they like? that you don't need "connections" to get, necessarily, or need to be able to do an unpaid internship for in order to break in, because this chick needs some cash money in a big way. I had to debate myself for 15 minutes over a $23 pair of boots. The boots won, obviously (fashion always does) but this recession shit is getting on my nerves. Plus, recession or no, some bookstore or something really give me a job already, christ. (note to self: you must apply for these jobs before getting them).

Oh well. I still live across from a subway, and I watched the entire season of freaks and geeks over the past 4 days, so I really have little to complain about. It could always be worse. You could always be working in a sewer, or cleaning toilets, or trapped in a subway car with scarlett johanssen while she talks about how fucking cool she is, or (gulp) at a creed concert.

It's nice to reflect on the blessings life has given you.

Oh also Ladyhawke is awesome, too, as well.

Paris Is Burning - Ladyhawke

dig it.