Friday, January 9, 2009

I dress like the 70s, I live like the 90s

So, I can NOT stop looking at this site, lookbook. Essentially, people send in artsy pictures of themselves in cool outfits. I guess you vote and stuff, so that's the motivation for sending in your pictures, but I really just can't stop looking at it. After, like, an hour of perusing yesterday, here are some of my faves:

because everyone loves sweaters, and those shoes are cute

because I love a red shoe

because she's a 16 year old from Finland and it's just crazy enough to be awesome

because she looks like a cupcake

just because it's a cool picture, and the girl is seriously skinny

because she just looks really cute in that outfit, and I want to go shopping with her

because I would wear this even though it looked terrible on me, which it would

because I want to wear this every day, and she probably does.

because she's soooo skinny, and her description is "19 year old prostitute from Texas"

because she's wearing the mary-kate rip off shoes from forever 21, and I really think wide leg jeans are about to be back in a big way

Go check it out, you won't be sorry.

In other fashion news, here's my must-haves for Spring 09:
Wide-leg jeans
gauzy tops (esp. high necked with a bow)
statement hats (my personal preference currently is a Charlie Chaplin hat, which makes me look a little like Annie Hall... but that's a look I can live with. My other fave is the wide brimmed hats that look like you'd wear them to a polo match. If, you know, people went to polo matches.)
pink, purple, cream combos
bright pink, orange, teal combos
tweed/camel (especially good to balance the gauzy florals, in terms of texture)
pleated knee length skirts
platforms stripper heels (esp. great with the wide leg jeans)

I love clothes, I want to shop... it's because the weather's getting good again. Changing seasons makes clothes hounds salivate in anticipation.

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